Kyle Laporte



Game Music


Custom music for film, tv and games

Kyle Laporte is a Composer for Film, Television and Video Games from southeast Michigan. He Graduated from Bowling Green State University with an Undergraduate degree in Music Composition. Kyle recently graduated from the Scoring for Motion Pictures and Television program at the University of Southern California.
Kyle's Unique and Evocative style incorporates over a decade of classical and contemporary training. At the age of 6 Kyle began taking piano lessons and continued his curiosity of musical instruments throughout his career by studying electric guitar, flute and french horn. Kyle's music focuses primarily on orchestral thematic writing as well as a combination of his experience with music technology by fusing electronic elements with live musicians. Kyle's music can frequently be heard from his collaborations with director Andrew Sokolowski and the BlueBand Productions Team on several of their short films Including Spiderman -Eyes of May and Wayside Revolutions. Kyle uses his contemporary music and film scoring background to sonically tell stories custom built for each project he accomplishes.